Matt Finn from Expedition Divers
We at Expedition Divers have been Big Blue enthusiasts for over seven years. While teaching recreational, technical and cave diving in over 20 countries, we have come to strongly rely on our BB lights for both primary and video project lighting in all environments from the freezing cold ice diving near the Arctic Circle to exploring caves and flooded mines in e.g. Florida, Mexico, Belize, Finland, Hungary, the Philippines and China, as well as doing day and night photo and videography in coral and large marine life paradises like Raja Ampat in Indonesia and Peleliu island in Palau.
Nowadays a cordless high power LED primary light is taken for granted as the best solution for caves by leading divers around the world, but few know that Big Blue was actually among the very first companies making over 3000 lumen lights with sufficient burn time for advanced technical divers.
Thanks to advances in LED and lithium technologies, dive light development has been rapid over the past decade. Latest Big Blue VTL lights offer 8000 lumen wide angle video light together with a 1200 lumen primary light with narrow beam for signaling in the one and same light, which is perfect compact solution for the travelling technical diver who occasionally shoots photos and videos as well.  For pros needing to flood massive areas like wrecks and caves with light, there is the 30,000 lumen compact “sun”. In fact we once used four of them along with three 15,000 lumen ones mounted on our DPVs to shoot some nice cave footage for test purposes.
Apart from diving we have had the pleasure of being friends with Oscar Tong for nearly a decade and shared countless great lunches and dinners together discussing LED and lithium battery development, dive light design and manufacturing and all things around the world of diving.  We very much look forward to continuing diving new rarely accessed and remote dive locations around the world and using and testing the very latest Big Blue lights in sometimes extreme dive environments.

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